Learn the secrets of the pioneering CMOs

New research from Brand Learning and Accenture

9 out of 10 CEOs and CMOs believe the marketing function will need to fundamentally change over the next three years. Driving growth in the face of disruption has become the priority. 

Our new research reveals what a pioneering 17% of the nearly 1000 CMOs we surveyed are doing to drive growth through highly relevant customer experiences, and why their commercial results are markedly better than their peers[1].

What you will find in the report

Insights which show the 3 ways pioneering CMOs are transforming their organisations 

  • How they are reinventing for the now and the new – by taking the reins of innovation and disruptive growth
  • What they are doing to challenge conventional wisdom and the status quo
  • How they are rewiring their operating models for growth – unlocking value by driving collaboration

Plus: the new skills and roles to bring in-house, and the importance of wider C-Suite relationships

The research was conducted in 12 countries across 17 industries and involved 935 CMOs and 564 CEOs 

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[1] Pioneering CMOs deliver 11% on average greater shareholder return