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In our recent white paper we set out the need to organise differently to deliver customer-driven growth going forward.

What are the implications for the structure and capabilities of the Marketing function itself within this? Marketing will still comprise Category/Brand teams marrying the right blend of Developers and Activators but where, when and how skills are applied will be different. This necessitates new capabilities for existing marketing roles and totally new roles: our new 4S Marketers Model™. Take our quiz to find out how you fit.

Brand Developers need to be Strategists and Storybuilders

The focus needs to be less on management, more on shaping evolving brand stories through continuous dialogue with customers across the customer experience. For example, Pernod Ricard now describe the responsibility of their Brand Strategy teams as ‘shaping the long term experience to drive engagement, dialogue, participation and activation’. They will be supported by content creators and editing teams.

Brand Activators need to be Socialisers

Reframing the role as ‘Socialisers’ asks activators to socialise customer experiences and content, and then evolving through these continuous two-way conversations. This will require Community and Conversation Managers as well as traditional roles such as Retail Activation teams.

Insight teams are driven by Scientists, Storybuilders and Strategists

Data scientists are already recruited by leading organisations across sectors (diverse companies such as Microsoft, Starbucks and HSBC), but the new breed will need to be both Scientist and Storybuilder with the skills to not only analyse relationships from big data, but also synthesise data-driven insights into compelling stories to engage their organisation. Complemented by behavioural economists, neuroscientists and cultural anthropolgists the opportunity for Insight teams to influence strategies is exciting.

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Brand Learning: Lifting capabilities to drive customer-centred growth
We work with companies across the world to lift the performance of their teams to drive growth by delivering better value for their customers.

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