New book: The Growth Drivers – exploring how to transform capabilities to drive sustainable, profitable demand-led growth

The challenge of how to drive sustainable, profitable growth is facing businesses across the world. The Growth Drivers, a new business book published this month, explores the critical role that marketing and marketers play in creating the customer value needed to drive demand-led growth. It is designed to be the definitive guide to transforming organisational marketing capabilities, written by the acknowledged experts and pioneers in the field.

The authors, Andy Bird and Mhairi McEwan, ex Unilever/PepsiCo marketing executives and co-founders of Brand Learning, have pioneered the category of marketing capability development and their team has supported over 100 multinational companies in 60 countries. This book contains their experience and also shares the practical insights and honest reflections of over 40 senior business and marketing leaders in driving the growth of their brands and businesses across the world.

The Growth Drivers offers fresh new thinking, inspiring case histories and a wealth of practical tools, to help CEOs, CMOs and other business and marketing leaders transform the marketing capabilities and commercial performance of their people, teams and organisations.

The authors argue that: “As the risk of widespread global recession increases, the urgent questions as to how businesses can drive sustainable, profitable growth in tough economic conditions are rarely being met with any convincing answers. Our book explores the vital role that marketing, marketers and marketing capability development can play in helping to drive growth by proactively equipping and enabling organisations to create better customer value.”

The foreword for The Growth Drivers is written by CBI president Sir Roger Carr and it has attracted a host of testimonials from senior business and marketing leaders and academics including:

  • Sir Roy Gardner, chairman, Compass Group plc
  • Keith Weed, chief marketing & communication officer, Unilever plc
  • Simon Lowden, chief marketing officer, Pepsi Beverages, North America
  • Keith Weed, chief marketing & communication officer, Unilever plc
  • Jill McDonald, CEO McDonald’s UK & president Northern Europe Division
  • Professor Malcolm McDonald, emeritus professor, Cranfield University School of Management, UK
  • Kevin Lane Keller, professor Marketing Tuck Business School, Dartmouth, US

The Growth Drivers addresses a broad range of topics which are relevant for marketing and business leaders. These include: The role of marketing and of Marketers in driving growth:

  • The DNA of a great Marketer
  • The leadership skills that every senior Marketer needs to influence the company growth agenda
  • The training trap – how marketing capability development is NOT simply training
  • How human resources can adopt marketing processes to build the employer brand and attract the very best talent
  • How Marketers can improve their commercial awareness
  • How to create a marketing capability strategy and development programme
  • How to embed a marketing capability programme within the organisation
  • How to measure the ROI on marketing capability investment
  • How to organise to sustain capability development 

Mhairi McEwan and Andy Bird conclude: “We believe Marketers must step up and embrace their strategic role as growth drivers. They should work tirelessly to establish and sustain a compelling customer-focused vision for their organisations. They need to inspire and engage people both inside and outside the organisation to deliver that vision and constantly re-evaluate and assess their delivery of value as the external landscape changes.”

They add, “We're indebted to the many clients , academics , industry experts and colleagues who have contributed their experience, case studies and learnings to The Growth Drivers.  At a time when the business world is so desperately in need of the capabilities to drive growth, we hope our book will make an important contribution to the debate and to practical, proactive change.”

The Growth Drivers is published by Wiley and is now available from Amazon and leading booksellers.