Brand Learning at Advertising Week Europe: ‘The Secrets of Growth Drivers: Sitting still & being complacent is a fatal mistake’

Advertising Week Europe is welcoming over 28,000 marketing, technology and business leaders to its legendary conference this April, featuring exceptional thought leadership from the brightest and best in the industry, on topics ranging from whether ad blocking is a modern day protection racket to whether robots can make us cry.

We will be on stage on Monday 18th April, with our panel of leading professionals who will reveal the secrets of what successful companies do to drive growth in today’s challenging climate. Kerris Bright CMO Virgin Media, Nathan Ansell Global Director M&S Loyalty, Customer Insights & Analytics, Pete Markey CMO Post Office and Hayley Spurling Group Client and Brand VP Brand Learning will share, first-hand, growth-ready practices that you can adopt, based on the Growth Drivers Study led by Brand Learning.

Our session will uncover the new Growth Code for future success, which calls for constant tuning of organizational and leadership capabilities to create a ‘growth-ready’ organisation, energised by involved employees, and fuelled by momentum driving leadership. To find out more about:

  • The 7 Hallmarks of Growth Drivers
  • The tensions that Growth Drivers successfully straddle
  • Growth-ready practices you can adopt
  • Ideas for going beyond engagement to create an involved organisation
  • How to be a Growth Driver leader

Make sure you get a ticket to Adweek Europe using our exclusive discount code BL20. We look forward to seeing you there.

Alternatively, if you won’t be in London on 18th April, make sure you don’t miss out. You can download your copy of the report or contact us to arrange a growth-ready workout for your team.