Stop talking about transformation: how marketing can lead the new growth agenda

An analysis of the Growth Drivers Study is published in Market Leader Q3 2016, the leading strategic marketing journal published by WARC in association with The Marketing Society.

The article, by Hayley Spurling and Sarah Jones, identifies a new growth code which challenges businesses to set a new capability agenda.

In particular:

How to create a growth-ready organisation

Developing the 7C Hallmarks that characterise Growth Drivers

The importance of purpose

87% of all Growth Driver organisations are guided by a clear purpose, connecting growth with purpose and creating meaningful connections with both employees and consumers.

Involved and empowered employees

How we engage with employees has changed. Employees want purpose, influence and involvement. They expect leaders to demonstrate what they expect of others and to be bold and empowering.

The challenge of change

Achieving growth in today's competitive and challenging market relies heavily on an organisation's ability to change. 69% of our respondents are confident in their company's ability to make the changes necessary to meet future growth goals.

For access to the full article, subscribers to WARC can access it here or browse our other Market Leader publications. Additionally, you can download the Growth Drivers Study Report or watch a short film of business leaders sharing their insights about the value of the Growth Drivers Study findings.

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