The do’s and don’ts of employee involvement [infographic]

Getting the best out of employees is essential for growth. Every leader, every manager and every team member can describe the difference it makes to have energised, committed colleagues. So too can your customers. Last week, the staff attitude at two retailers I visited palpably impacted the atmosphere. At the first, two members of staff were clearly fed up with their jobs. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. At the second, the staff were clearly enjoying themselves. I relaxed. It was such a contrast I commented on it. What was even more remarkable, was that one of those happy members of staff was supposed to be on holiday but had come in to provide extra support.

In the Growth Drivers Study we identified a need to go beyond ‘engagement’ to ‘involvement’. Never is this more important than at times of business change. This infographic summarises the findings, and gives leaders some strong feedback about what they do that frustrates employees, and what their employees want from them.

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In the meantime, after you’ve digested the implications for yourself, you may want to share the infographic with some of the leaders in your life.


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