People power: why L&D and employee engagement go hand in hand

Brand Learning was delighted to be interviewed for Kineo’s People Power guide to employee engagement. The guide, created in collaboration with employee engagement and growth experts, aims to help you foster engagement and tap into your company’s people power.

The benefits of involving people are manifest. Involved employees are more likely to bring discretionary energy to their work – and in so doing ignite the energy of their colleagues. They are more likely to be creative and try new things. They are more likely to grow themselves and the business in tandem.” Brand Learning

Drawing on Brand Learning’s 2016 Global Growth Drivers Study among other research, People Power shares latest insights on how companies can improve engagement, and shows why L&D and employee engagement go hand in hand.

Employee engagement needs a culture of openness, collaboration and empowerment, supporting employees’ real needs and personal development. Learning and development is vital for driving this. It is seen by employees as a major indicator of how much a business cares and is willing to invest in them. And, of course, it’s about helping unlock employees’ potential, so they can bring more value and feel more valued in what they do. But while L&D has the potential to make a huge difference to engagement and add real value, it has to be done right.

These are just the headlines, to find out how your organisation can use L&D to add real value through employee engagement initiatives you can download the full guide from Kineo’s website.

To find out how Brand Learning can help you involve your employees and lift the capabilities of your organisation, please get in touch. You can also download the Growth Drivers Report, cited in the People Power report, which shares examples of how leading organisations are involving their people to drive growth.

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