Doug Baillie

Chief HR Officer - Unilever (now retired)

Doug became Unilever’s Chief HR Officer in February 2011. He serves on the Executive Board (ULE) and was appointed as Unilever’s President of Western Europe in 2008. He started his career with Unilever in 1978 in South Africa and has served in a number of leadership roles around the world across a wide range sales and marketing appointments, including President for Africa Regional Group, Vice President for Africa, the Middle East and Turkey, CEO for Hindustan Unilever Limited and Group Vice President in South Asia. He graduated from the University of Natal in South Africa with majors in Business Finance, Marketing and Business Administration.

Doug is also a member of the non-profit organization Synergos Board, the MasterCard Foundation and will join the Board of the LeverHulme trust in 2015.

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