Amanda Mackenzie

Executive Advisor - Project Everyone

Amanda was a member of Aviva's Group Executive for 7 years as CCMO having joined to change the name from Norwich Union.

She is a Life Fellow of the RSA and Fellow and past President of the Marketing Society. Amanda has over 25 years of commercial experience, including director roles at British Airways Airmiles, BT and British Gas. Since 2011 she has been a non-executive director of Mothercare Plc. and sits on the audit committee. She has been on the board of the National Youth Orchestra for 8 years

Amanda is on loan from Aviva as Executive Advisor to Richard Curtis and team for ‘Project Everyone’, which is a campaign to launch The Global Goals and make the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals reach as many people in the world as possible. During the launch week the campaign reached 3 billion people.

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Having worked in organisations where there was a lot of command and control, nothing visionary can happen because people are not being encouraged to be innovative or different. Having said that if you have free-for-alls, it’s chaos, everybody goes feral and there is insufficient focus So you need enough discipline and a framework within which intelligent growth can happen, and you need inspired leadership. Amanda Mackenzie