Engaging employees. Insightfully.

The challenge

A well-known financial services provider with over 6,000 employees had a new brand idea around which the business aligned its strategy.  It needed all employees to believe it was their responsibility to deliver this new brand strategy. People needed to understand what the brand meant and what they should do to deliver the brand experience. In 2010 some engagement activity had begun and generally people were supportive - but it was recognised that a carefully planned approach was required to ensure employees at all levels in the organisation ‘got it’.

What we did

We got under the skin of the organisation to understand what was helping and what was getting in the way of implementing the desired change. Part of that was helping the Transformation Team articulate the vision for change. Using these inputs, we created an engagement strategy to change attitude and behaviours, explain what the brand stands for and why it is important and, crucially, demonstrate in a tangible way to all employees how what they do drives the success of the brand.

The impact

+2.9% increase in market share

Share price grew +465% faster than the rest of the market

+24% brand value growth

Staff morale & recruitment improved

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BRAND LEARNING developed and helped catalyse our internal engagement strategy and provided us with a robust and well thought through platform for success. Our results have been staggering. Brand Director
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