Embedding a common approach to Digital at a global Nutrition and Health business


We were approached by the global head of marketing for a global nutrition and health business who had recently changed their internal structures globally to better meet consumer, shopper and expert expectations in an increasingly digital world. They wanted our help to ensure the restructure would be successful, with support to embed new ways of working for over 1,400 marketers across the world.


We conducted a thorough situational analysis, including in-depth interviews with marketing leaders across the business. This highlighted a clear need to create a common language, collaborative ways of working and aligned processes relating to digital activities across the business.

Drawing on the extensive experience of our team in operational roles, we created a blended programme that reinforced the transformational potential of digital while connecting in to the day to day realities of marketers’ roles. We developed a practical, highly tailored approach to world class digital marketing for both Category and Market teams. A sophisticated blend of channels was used to reach marketers globally, including online and face to face learning experiences and learner resources such as a how-to document including an end-to-end process for stakeholder engagement.
The programme also helped marketers to embed the cross-functional ways of working they need to succeed and drive business growth in a digital world.


This approach, grounded in the practicalities of people’s real work challenges, was key to ensuring the adoption of digital throughout the organisation. This, in turn, has helped to embed the common language and ways of working across the organisation. The programme achieved 97% participation globally.

Published with kind permission. 

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