Colgate's Winning for Growth Business Leaders Programme

Brand Learning has been working with Colgate on the Winning for Growth programme for sales and commercial leaders since 2015.

Within the programme, a Colgate operating division asked us to help strengthen the solution development capabilities of their commercial teams, on the ground.

Specifically, they wanted to improve their ability to diagnose the real business challenge, analyse and identify the root causes and develop appropriate solutions with strong time-bound implementation plans.

Brand Learning partnered with Colgate to create a comprehensive development experience to build the team’s capabilities. A workshop was followed by application of the new approach to a real business challenge or opportunity. The teams then reconvened to present their solutions to senior leaders. Throughout the programme, participants also worked on their own personal and team leadership capabilities.

The Winning for Growth programme had cross-functional participation from Customer Development, Consumer Marketing, Retail Marketing, Finance and Customer Service.

After 6 sessions the programme has scored 4.8 out 5.0 for “has been of tangible value in helping me be more effective in my job”.

Published with kind permission.

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