Professional Marketing Consultants

There’s a new growth imperative shaping the future of marketing and many companies face a capability gap.

We are experiencing a time of unparalleled change, transforming the way we live, learn, communicate and collaborate. Growing customer expectations and the impact of technology have dramatically changed the operating landscape for organisations and brands.

The winning organisations will be those that continue to lift their marketing capabilities: equipping marketers to build insights into customers’ needs, build purposeful brands and engage people across the organisation to deliver a valued customer experience.

Our team of experts works with leading marketing organisations across the world to lift their capabilities to drive customer-centred growth.

What does a Marketing Consulting Firm do?

The purpose of a marketing consulting firm is to analyse how effectively your marketing department is currently operating, including an analysis of its current strengths and weaknesses in terms of the set-up. Furthermore, a marketing consulting firm will provide recommendations regarding how you can improve the service that your marketing department are offering, which will lead to an increase in customer satisfaction, sales and profit for your business. We have a wealth of experience when it comes to training techniques for marketing departments, with proven results.

Contact us to talk about how we can support you in lifting your marketing capabilities. 

Typical projects with Marketing teams include:


Redefining the marketing function: its purpose, organisation design, operating model


Assessing marketing capabilities and identifying the priority gaps that are a barrier to growth


Designing and embedding the specific ways of marketing for organisations to deliver clarity, consistency and excellence across a global team


Helping companies push their thinking to develop new approaches in ‘must win’ areas


Delivering learning experiences structured around current brand or marketing issues, helping marketers apply new skills to develop fresh solutions in specific areas, such as marketing strategy, innovation platforms, insight and brand positioning

Brand Learning has provided strong structure, focus and support to our key Future of Marketing project. Their experience of working with other clients in this area and their understanding of marketing capabilities and organisation has brought a great deal of value and insight CMO, Pernod Ricard
Leading-edge marketers who understand the importance of marketing as a growth lever. They know how to link the function to the company strategy and consider the culture changes, and what else will be required to embed the change. Head of Research and Insight, Hiscox

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