Professional Leadership Training & Consulting

How to bring people with you as you transform your business

As markets change faster than businesses can transform, businesses are having to transform faster than their people can adapt. Sound familiar?

Here are the three things we’ve found that can help bring your people on the journey:

strategic leadeship
Create a sense of purpose - building a long term sense of meaning & connection to the role of people and teams
Identify short term drivers of motivation – connecting with everyday rewards

commercial leadership
Build powerful coalitions of commercial value – enabling people and teams to deliver with a shared conviction of purpose
Enable wellness of mind and body – building endurance, avoiding burnout

commercial leadership programmes
Be ‘edge centric’ – pushing decision making to the front-line
Be at the edge - driving change at pace through adaptive learning
Be a multiplier of human performance – giving others the edge to deliver results

Why is Team Leadership Training Important?

The first benefit of effective leadership training is an improvement of employee productivity. We focus on improving your ability to be empathetic to your team members, understanding their emotional needs, which will lead to an increase in their productivity levels.

Secondly, an improvement in your leadership abilities will mean that your business will retain more if its staff for longer, meaning that you spend less money and time on recruiting new team members. This increase in retention will also provide more of a motivation to your current employees, who see a clear path to promotion.

Team leadership training will also teach you how to provide your employees or team members with critical, useful feedback that will encourage them in their work, instead of discourage or upset them. Most people are receptive to feedback but you have to ensure that as a leader, you go about providing it to them in the right way.

What type of Leadership Consulting do we offer?

Here's how we can help:

commercial leadership programme


- Purpose quests for business, team and individual
- Performance architecture including organisational design, operating model and leadership competency frameworks

Read our case studies on: Fuelling growth through a customer-centred purpose at M&S and Winning for growth business leaders programme at Colgate


- Building leadership conviction aligned to organisational purpose
- Building powerful commercial coalitions
- Managing your energy for endurance
- Building and maintaining performance edge

Read our case study on: Inspiring a global community of high potential marketing leaders at Shell and Growing leaders with Visa.

Align and motivate the entire organisation behind the drivers of customer value through:
- Communities
- Technology
- Performance coaching





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