Expert Human Resources Qualifications & Training

Leading organisations recognise that HR needs to play a more influential role in the delivery of business growth than ever before. With people at the heart of customer experiences that drive growth, there has never been a greater opportunity for HR to deliver value and impact.

We work with HR functions to build capabilities and create a winning people experience. We help HR drive a competitive edge that can deliver growth: attracting, involving and inspiring the people behind the customer experience by embedding capabilities inspired by marketing, 

Why is HR Training Important?

Did you know that the cost of recruiting staff members internally is always far lower than recruiting a brand new employee from outside of a business? Furthermore, it is usually always easier and quicker to bring a junior team member up to speed on a new role because they already understand the company and the industry. Lastly, if employees see that they are given precedence for promotion in to new roles, they will be highly motivated to work hard.

These benefits mean that HR is vitally important for any business because it ensures that current staff and cared for, in terms of their needs, concerns and wants, leading to lower staffing costs and higher levels of satisfaction and motivation. If you want to ensure that your HR department is operating correctly and that you are benefiting from these advantages of good human resources, our HR training will analyse your current techniques, communication channels and department effectiveness.

Our HR consultancy work with pioneering leaders

HR for growth

Reframe the unique role and impact of their HR function to drive competitive edge through people


Unlock insights or new ways of segmenting employees to inspire compelling propositions and engaging experiences

hr expertise

Develop commercially-oriented strategies and plans


Build powerful employer brands and value propositions

HR leadership

Transform recruitment efforts to attract top talent more effectively

HR consulting

Create inspiring engagement programmes that involve people in delivering a successful customer experience

hr consultants

Develop leaders who can inspire, empower and support people to be brand and business advocates

hr consultancy

Support culture change programmes, putting the customer at the heart of the organisation

Brand Learning brings a fresh perspective to the HR agenda, applying best practice marketing and commercial principles to create a winning people experience.

Learn more about how our award-winning work with Shell, our latest research  The new HR imperative, and contact us to talk about how we can help you.

Marketing and HR need to be joined-up, the two are intrinsically linked. We’ve brought marketing planning excellence into HR at Shell Global HR Communications Manager, Shell
Brand Learning developed and helped catalyse our internal engagement strategy and provided us with a robust and well thought through platform for success. Our results have been staggering with 72% of employees knowing how our Every Day Matters organising thought relates to their day to day role.“ Brand Director Legal & General

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