Professional Digital Consulting Training

We no longer go online, we live online. As customers, we expect experiences with brands to reflect this by being seamlessly integrated and increasingly delivered via Digital services. But the pace and scale of change involved all too often means companies struggle to lift their digital capabilities to match expectations.

We help organisations, people and leaders build their capabilities to deliver growth through digital tools and approaches. We do this in a tailored way - so that the strategies, ways of working, processes, skills and people make a real difference.

What is Digital Strategy Consulting?

Digital Strategy Consulting covers a wide range of areas for your digital marketing agency or department, including the effective analysis of customer analytics and improving your digital innovation, to ensure that your techniques and ideas are constantly evolving and improving, in the digital marketing field. Furthermore, digital strategy consulting looks at how your customer engagement is operating, including your social strategy and customer service. Lastly, it is vital to analyse your web and mobile strategy, to ensure that the methods your are using are effective and up-to-date.

What can we do to Improve your Internet Marketing Consultants?

An effective internet marketing consultant can help transform the ability of your business to improve sales conversions, which is one of the key goals that all businesses are looking for. our effective training methods specifically focus on improving an internet marketing consultants ability to convert leads in to sales. Furthermore, we work on improving the abilities of consultants to spot new growth opportunities, as well as effectively planning strategies that match the budget and resources available for each business.


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We help organisations build their digital capabilities to deliver an outstanding, joined-up customer experience in one of 3 ways:

digital transformation consulting

What does digital transformation consulting look like?

Purpose and Strategy - DigitalCreating a clear  purpose for how Digital will enable the overall brand’s purpose. Setting a clear direction for the next 3-5 years. View case study.
Organisation and Process - DigitalRunning a digital capability assessment across a Marketing community and developing a capability strategy

Digital DisciplinesSupporting cross-functional teams to deliver with excellence given the pace and scale of technological advancements
Digital AccelerationDeveloping aligned processes and common languages to aid ways of working with new and emerging technologies

Digital CommercialisationDeveloping skills and approaches for eCommerce and Shopper technologies for Sales and Marketing teams

growth through digitalWorking with senior leaders to identify the big opportunities and inspire the right behaviours to drive growth. View case study.
Leading for digital changeWorking with teams to support them in leading digital change – an area of leadership that is often beyond their functional expertise.


See examples of our work in digital

Inspirational! Changed my mindset, vision and goals within my role Marketing Manager, Pharma
I chose Brand Learning as our partner for this project as they provided the two main core skill areas I needed help with, 'Digital' and 'capability building’. Digital Marketing Manager EU, Brown-Forman

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