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Global Head of Through The Line Capability, SAB Miller

Our approach to learning for performance

Learning programmes are a critical means of lifting the performance of individuals and teams, within the context of broader organisational capabilities. 

To really improve performance though, we believe a shift in focus is needed from the learning people do to the work people do. At the core of our approach is a learner experience journey designed around real in-work challenges for individuals and teams.

Our learning programmes involve real-work learning journeys that help people, teams and organisations improve their performance.

We power these real-work learning journeys using four essential forces:

 Real-work learning journeys

We work with leaders to determine the growth required in the business and their people, aligning on performance goals, steering the delivery of learning programmes and equipping them to act as role models 

Performance is enabled by line-managers who prioritise coaching of teams and individuals in new ways of working

Individual and team progress is accelerated by access to peers, mentors, teams and resources and stimulus produced by the organisation (see below)

Progress is further accelerated by learners drawing on their own sources of support including peers, social networks and learning materials available from networked resources (see below)

Listen to our podcast to learn more or take a look at our jargon-busting A-Z of Learning - a guide to learning solutions that lift performance.

Real-work learning journeys

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