Brand Learning is uniquely placed
to enable digital change

Accelerating digital capabilities

Digital technologies are disrupting organisations, creating unforeseen opportunities and challenging ways of working. No longer just another channel for sales and marketing, “digital” needs to be integrated throughout organisations for them to remain relevant and achieve growth.

undefinedWe work with clients who recognise the need to weave digital capabilities into the fabric of their organisation: changing the mindset, enabling leaders, organising and upskilling teams, integrating new approaches and finding and developing the right people.

Brand Learning is uniquely placed for digital transformation through our combination of digital, customer and capability expertise. Our specialist digital capability team is drawn from client-side digital leaders, digital entrepreneurs and digital agencies.

We most often work in three areas:

Set The Direction

Enable digital leaders to define and lead the direction for digital enablement across the customer-centred organisation


Enabl People

Design the right ways of working that capitalise on digital opportunities to create value for customers


Sustain Growth

Drive sustained growth by embedding in practice the skills and mindsets to realise emerging digital opportunities


Our most recent work has involved:

undefinedHelping digital leadership teams to develop the vision, strategy and scope before developing new operating models and organisational structures  
undefinedRunning a digital capability assessment across a Marketing community and developing a capability strategy
undefinedDeveloping tailored ‘ways of working’ that integrate digital into Marketing and Sales processes and tools
undefinedApplying digital thinking using integrated online and offline solutions such as gaming and simulations that drive mind-set change as well as practical application
undefinedCreating face-to-face, experiential and e-learning learning experiences with prominent experts on marketing excellence in a digital age
undefinedLive-Action-Learning to develop digitally-inspired strategies and plans such as content strategies for leading brands
undefinedCustomer-centred digital safaris giving participants real world experience of how their customers use digital devices and new technologies


See examples of our work in digital

Inspirational! Changed my mindset, vision and goals within my role Marketing Manager, Pharma
I chose Brand Learning as our partner for this project as they provided the two main core skill areas I needed help with, 'Digital' and 'capability building’. Digital Marketing Manager EU, Brown-Forman

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