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Client Confidentiality

The value of our services derives from the fact that BRAND LEARNING stays at the leading edge of marketing and of capability development and we are continuously enhancing our marketing knowledge base and capability expertise. Equally, we fully respect and protect our clients’ confidential information and their intellectual property rights.

Where we are working on projects for one or more clients who operate in similar or overlapping markets, we maintain wholly separate teams and put exhaustive procedures in place to prevent any breach of our duty of confidentiality.

Electronic securities are reviewed systematically to grant access to Client folders only to those people who need that information to provide our services.

Laptops and other electronic devices (e.g. wireless devices, memory sticks) used by our Directors and Consultants must all be password protected. Passwords are changed regularly.

Secure storage facilities are set up for each Client’s physical materials (e.g. toolkits, learning materials). Working copies of learning materials and document drafts are routinely shredded after use or disposed of in confidential bins not included in normal rubbish collections.

Intellectual property

The information sheets, brochures and other materials (‘Materials’) provided by The Brand Learning Partners Limited ("we”, “us”, “our”) via this site are provided on the basis of the terms and conditions set out below:

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  • You are not entitled to use the Materials other than for your own personal use and you will not make or derive any commercial use of the Materials or modify, distribute, reproduce or disclose them without our prior written consent.
  • All uses of the Materials by you must be in accordance with good, honest practice and you will not use the Materials for any illegal purpose or any other use which might reflect negatively on us or our business or bring us into disrepute.


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