Re-Mastering Learning

The world of learning is changing. Not just in places you first think of when you hear the word ‘learning’ – schools and universities. The world of learning is also evolving in the workplace, helping Marketers work and learn in ways that truly stretch the imagination. Our research into and understanding of what is driving the changes in the learning world has inspired us to create a new vision and approach for learning in 2020.

Re-Mastering Learning Part 1: Our Vision

Our new vision is based on 3 key areas we have identified as driving the re-mastering of learning: TechnologyThe Democratisation of Expertise and Cognitive Skills.

Re-Mastering Learning Part 2: Our Approach

We are very excited to present a new model of learning that allows us to think about the learning journey more broadly. We call it the BELIEVE IT, GET IT, LIVE IT model.